Mata Raani ke chamatkaro ki kahaniya

Dear Devotees!
We have been receiving a lot of story submissions from devotees, which are more of a wish than a miracle story. So we have added a new section "Wishes" to our website.

In this section, devotees can write down their wishes, and the whole community will be able to browse their wishes and pray to Mata Raani for them.
It has always been observed that when we ask something for ourselves, things may or may not happen but when we pray for somebody else, it is more likely to be heard.

Keeping this basic vedic concept in mind,
ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः। सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु। मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग्भवेत्॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om, Sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ| Sarve santu nirāmayāḥ|
Sarve bhadrāṇi paśyantu| Mā kashchit duḥkha bhāgbhavet||
Oṁ Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ||

Meaning in English
May all be prosperous and happy| May all be free from illness|
May all see what is spiritually uplifting| May no one suffer||
Om peace, peace, peace||

we have added a button next to every wish and we encourage all devotees to click this button to show they will also pray for the wish maker.
Whether a wish is heard or denied, is in hands of Mata Raani yet it will provide moral boost to other devotees (wish makers). It is really good feeling to know that a lot of others are also praying for him/her.

Just keep your thoughts focussed and calm and recite the name of Mata Raani a few times and click the button. (This is just one way of how you can pray for the wish maker. You may do the prayer or vrat or whatever you wish to do for the wish maker as per your convenience and choices, without any obligation on wish maker. By clicking this button you are also letting the devotee know that you prayed for them.)

So go ahead pray for other devotees, as you know what you do for others return to you in several folds according to Sanatan Dharma.

In the stories section of the website, you can read various stories from devotees of Mata Vaishno Devi. These stories are their personal experiences of miracles performed by Mata Raani in their lives.

We are proud to present a platform where devotees can write their own stories or wishes. The object is to help motivate a lot of people who are living their lives in depression and distress.

Who knows, may be your story can show them a ray of hope.

Please come forward and share your true experiences on whenever and wherever you felt blessings of Mata Raani.

"Jai mata ki"